The quick & simple health tracker

Now there’s a quick, efficient, and practical way for you to log and keep track of health metrics like body temperature, administered medicine, blood pressure, liquid intake or taking notes of symptoms – For you, your child or if you are caregiver.
Loggo features:
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Log fever temperatures & medicine use
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Record blood pressure metrics
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Track liquid intake
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Take notes & pictures
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Export your data
Available now on iOS & Android:

Log your blood pressure

Easily and quickly log your blood pressure metrics. Just slide the dials and choose your value to log.
An animation of the body temperature slider moving from left to right changing the temperature to log in the app.

Easy input of body temperature

Just slide to choose the temperature and with a push of a button the temperature is registered with date & time.

Loggo supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit for temperature and .cl and .oz for liquids.

Get reminded!

Set a reminder when logging an item and Loggo will give you a push notification at the desired time. Maybe when it's time for another dose of medication or just getting reminded to get another glas of water.

Widgets for the home screen

Add widgets in different sizes for your home screen on you device. If you use Loggo with different persons in your household you can choose which profile the widget should display data from.

Widget support for both iOS and Android devices.

Readable time stamps

Loggo shows with a readable label how long ago a medicine was administered, fever was registered or a note taken.
Loggo shows readable time stamps on each logged item for clear understanding of how long ago something was logged.
Take notes with pictures to keep track of symptoms and recovery

Notes with pictures

Take notes - with pictures if wanted - to keep track of symptoms and recovery. All pictures taken within Loggo stays on your device.

Export you data

All items logged in Loggo is easily exported to a PDF-file if you want to share it with your physician or someone else.
Export the data to a PDF

About Loggo

The quickest and easiest way to log body temperature, administered medicine, blood pressure, liquids and symptoms. And to get reminded about it.

Loggo makes illness and recovery tracking easy, giving you a quick, practical, and efficient way to record key metrics like medications given, body temperature, blood pressure metrics, fluid intake, and symptoms. All the information goes into one simple app that can then export the data to a file for easy emailing or texting to a physician or other care provider.
Is your child or a person under your care sick? Simply open the app and start tracking their symptoms and recovery. Record when and how much fluids they drank, when and what sorts of medications were administered, and what their body temperature is, all using a simple interface with a clear readout.
The free version has body temperature input and tracking while the premium version unlocks all the features.